Traditional Knowledge Keepers

ElseyElsey Gauthier

Elsey is a proud native woman from Alberta. She is fluent in Cree and English. Her scope of practice combines traditional and contemporary modalities. Currently Elsey is a member in good standing with the Alberta College of Social Workers (RSW) and the Canadian Association of Professional Certification (CAC II). She is a consultant and specializes in one-to-one or group work on the topics of family violence, grief, loss, and trauma. She also has knowledge of and practices the native culture. This includes teaching on Aboriginal awareness to other native people and non-native people. Her past experience includes working with urban and rural Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities in addictions and mental health, housing and supporting homeless people, school student counsellor, hospital pastoral work, and presenting traditional Aboriginal parenting course.

LillianEdmontonmiut Inuit

Inuit Edmontonmiut was established in September of 2015 and was officially incorporated in April 2016. The objective of this Inuit specific group is to promote, preserve and support Inuit families and Inuit culture through celebration, education and outreach for Edmonton and the surrounding area.

The newly established Inuit Edmontonmiut Society has started a new project called Illiniapaa, which is a multi-layered support system and project being created to provide academic support (mentoring and tutoring) and culturally appropriate practices to Inuit post-secondary students in the Edmonton area. 

AtsinakLillian Lundrigan

As Project Administrator, I am currently working with our elder Atsinak Bishop on gathering information about any Inuit students attending post-secondary institutions in the Edmonton area. Please note this is completely voluntary and not a requirement, but if you or someone you know would like to connect with the Inuit community in Edmonton please contact us via Facebook at our page 'Edmontonmiut Inuit'; private message me or email me at Qujannamiik!

Atsinak Bishop

I am interested in doing some sewing and cooking/baking with Inuit students and just hang out. Also, if anyone wants prayers I am available.

AdrianAdrian LaChance 

Adrian LaChance is a Plains Cree originally from James Smith Cree Nation in Saskatchewan, a traditional dancer/singer & helper. Mr. LaChance has been in the helping field since 1999 and still continues to help when needed. 

Most recently Mr. LaChance was involved in the Transitions to Employment Program — a life management skills program developed to assist individuals who have been sexually exploited through current or past involvement in the sex trade and would like to move into mainstream employment or education.

Our Elders and more traditional knowledge keepers

The ASSC team would like to acknowledge our beautiful Elders and incredible traditional knowledge keepers that we are so honored to have in our circle that support not only the staff but more importantly to our students.

  • Francis Whiskeyjack
  • Don Langford
  • Myrtle Calahasin
  • Marilyn Buffalo
  • Lyle Tootoosis
  • Rocky Morin
  • Betty Letendre