Aboriginal Self-Declaration Form

In order to improve the assessment of the educational achievement of Aboriginal learners, we ask you to self-declare if you are of Aboriginal ancestry within the meaning of the Canadian Constitutional Act of 1982, along with recent legislation pertaining to Aboriginal peoples within Canada.

Learn the Aboriginal People Definitions, as defined by the Canadian Constitutional Act of 1982.

By self-declaring as an Aboriginal student, you are:

  • Helping the university to ensure that we are able to service our Aboriginal students in the most respectful and uplifting ways
  • Assisting in the advancement of the construction of an Aboriginal Gathering Place

By self-declaring as an Aboriginal student, you will:

  • Be invited to events and activities specifically hosted for Aboriginal students throughout the year
  • Be notified of volunteer, job and scholarship/award opportunities
  • Join one of the highest populations of Aboriginal students among Canadian post-secondary institutions
Please note: some programs require proof of Aboriginal Identity for admission purposes. Refer to Section 14.3 of the University of Alberta calendar for details. If you have any questions regarding admissions, programs, funding or services please contact us at assc@ualberta.ca.
Personal Information and Self-Declaration
Aboriginal Self-Declaration