History of Belcourt Brosseau Residence

Belcourt Brosseau House For more than 30 years, Herb Belcourt, his cousin Orval, and their colleague George Brosseau have backed their beliefs with their money. On September 22, 2003, the three businessmen announced they would donate a house to the University of Alberta. Built in 1916 and located in Garneau community on the southeast edge of the U of A campus, the four-floor, Victorian house--now the Belcourt – Brosseau House--will be managed by the Aboriginal Student Services Centre in partnership with Residence Services at the University of Alberta.

The Belcourts and Brosseau founded Canative Housing Corporation in 1974 to create and maintain affordable housing for Aboriginals in Canada. They have long been outspoken advocates for education, especially education for Aboriginal people, and in recent years they have donated millions of dollars in scholarships and bursaries for Aboriginal and Métis students in Alberta. The three philanthropists bought the house in Garneau in 1999. Métis students at the U of A have been living there since that time, but when the three decided to liquidate Canative Housing recently, they decided then to donate the house to the U of A.

"After we bought it, we saw how successfully it helped the students living there. We saw how the students were supported by the U of A and the programs at the U of A, so that's why we decided to donate it in the end," Herb Belcourt said.