Admission Process

Admission assessment

Only complete applications submitted by the deadline are considered for admission.

Each applicant that presents minimum grade and course requirements will be considered, but program admission is competitive and subject to available space.

The specific course and performance requirements to be considered for admission into each Faculty are decided in partnership with the TYP Coordinator and the admitting faculty. Official admission decisions are made by the Office of the Registrar.

The Transition Year Program is a limited enrollment program and admission is not guaranteed to all applicants. Qualified applicants are ranked based on the application and documentation they present. Applicants are admitted in order of qualifications until the program quota is full.

For some program routes, it is unlikely that a minimum grade average will be competitive for admission depending on the number of applications received for a given TYP faculty route. 

Competitive average

The competitive admission average can change from year to year as it is based on the quality of the applicant pool and space available in the program. It is recommended that you provide final or in progress marks for all required courses with your application. Final admission decisions may be deferred until final grades are made available.

GPA calculation

Admission average is calculated using only the required courses for admission.

Program route selection

Applicants will only be assessed for admission based on the program route they select on their complete TYP application.  Changes cannot be made to this choice after the application deadline is closed.  Students may be considered for other program routes only as space allows but should not assume they will be considered for less competitive program routes  if they are not admissible to the program original requested.


TYP strives to interview all applicants that present the potential to meet our admission requirements, but not all applicants will proceed to the interview stage of the admission process. A letter in writing will be sent to you explaining the admission decision if you are not contacted for an interview.

Appealing admission decisions

All admission decisions are final. There is no formal appeal to any other body or person within a faculty or the University.

Unsuccessful applicants

If you would like more information about your admission decision please contact the TYP Coordinator for details. All unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to reapply at a later date.

How to Improve your TYP application

  • Make sure you understand the minimum course and grade requirements before you apply (link to program requirements sheet here). If you are unsure if you have the needed entrance requirements, contact the TYP coordinator in advance of the admission deadline.
  • Submit a complete application package before the application deadline either online or by submitting a paper application. You will be assessed based on the information provided by the application deadline, and will not be permitted to submit additional documentation after the application deadline. 
  • Please submit all online documents in PDF format if possible to ensure they are readable when received.
  • If you have an application pending for direct entry to a faculty, but are not sure if you will be admissible, you should also submit a complete application package to TYP. 
  • Do not assume the minimum entrance requirements will ensure admission to TYP. You are encouraged to prepare as much as possible for success in university by presenting your best effort  in all required courses.
  • Once your application is submitted, you are required to notify the TYP Coordinator regarding any changes to your course enrollment or contact information as soon as possible as it may impact your admissibility.