Application Process

The Transition Year Program accepts applications for Fall and Winter Terms in the following admission cycles:

Fall Term: November 1 - May 1
Winter Term: August 1 - October 1

Step 1: Understand admission requirements

Make sure you understand and will potentially meet the admission requirements for the program route you are applying for. English 30-1 or equivalent is required for all program routes. More information on admission requirements is available here.

Step 2: Understand the requirements of the application

There are four types of documents you will need to submit with your application: 

  • Letter of intent
  • Documentation of all previous education (official or unofficial transcripts)
  • Letters of reference (2)
  • Proof of Aboriginal identity

All documents must be submitted as readable scans/photocopies of documents in PDF format. All documents must also follow the specified file naming system as outlined in the TYP Application Checklist.

Step 3: Prepare

  • Start the process early. Speak with potential references about preparing their letters of support, and work on the personal information that is required.
  • Go through the checklist and ensure you complete all of the items. 
  • Once you have gathered all necessary documents and information, assemble the information in one place electronically, ideally on the computer you will be using to fill out the online application form*.

*You may also download and print the application to submit.

Step 4: Submit

  • Set aside 15 - 20 minutes to fill out the online application. Once you begin the online application, you will not be able to save and return to your application later.
  • Access the online application form and submit. If you chose to email, mail, fax, or submit in person any of your documents, your application will remain incomplete until you do so. 


Apply Now

You may also download and print the application to submit.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at or call 780-492-5677.